Thefor the permaweb

Trusted verification for the Arweave network


Building trust within the permaweb

You've seen that blue badge icon beside verified Twitter and Instagram accounts. This verification badge shows that these accounts are owned by the real people, not bots or impersonators. ArVerify offers similar means of communicating authenticity across the permaweb. The result is increased trust for person-to-person interactions across the Arweave network.

Block the Bots

ArVerify checks to ensure an Arweave wallet address is owned by an actual person, not a robot. ArVerify checks that a wallet address also has an established identity on Google. Additional verification methods are coming soon.

Available now

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A single source of truth for verification on Arweave

How it works

ArVerify is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) for verifying addresses on Arweave. The ArVerify community therefore is the ultimate owner of this project.

  • User tips to the ArVerify community

    All ArVerify community holders receive a small tip for the verification process. The community also establishes the overall verification fee.

  • AuthNode checks for the tip

  • AuthNode sends sign-in URL

    The sign in URL is unique and integrated with Google identification (ALPHA version).  Additional means of verification will be added in future releases.

  • User signs in

    The user completes the Google login prompt. ArVerify does not store any personal information so all user data remains private.

  • The AuthNode receives a callback and sends verification transaction

    If the user is legitimate, they are verified with a blue tick. At this point, the wallet address is verified across the whole Arweave network. Any application using ArVerify can check our library to ensure that wallet addresses are human-owned.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is very important for the Arweave ecosystem to have a healthy user community. Due to recent PST Token Airdrops, the amount of scammers has gone up in the last months. Besides the threat of scamming, it is always a good indicator to check the trust score of another address.  If the score is low, you may wish to avoid interacting with that wallet address.

No. The keyfile is simply used to log you in to ArVerify.  We do not permanently store your keyfile or any information associated with it.

Furthermore, ArVerify is an open source project and you can review our code here:

The AuthNode receives 60% of the tip when verified a wallet address is verified via Google or other centralized providers. 

When using our new trust score system, the ArVerify community receives 100% of that tip.

In 2020, ArVerify used a binary verification system (pass or fail) to confirm the trustworthiness of addresses. 

In 2021, we moved to a more advanced score calculation inspired on Google's Page Rank algorithm.  This new score calculation means that an address can't totally fail verification. If your score is too low, simply get your address verified by other people or interact more in the Arweave community. Positive interactions are the only way to increase your verification score and build the reputation of your Arweave wallet address.

We are using multiple metrics into our score calculations. We are rating the interactions of addresses between each other and are biasing the score when an address is verified. The more you interact with trusted addresses, the higher your score will be.


Start securing your application with ArVerify

It only takes three lines of code to integrate ArVerify with your project

Host an AuthNode

Earn AR for participating in the verification process

If you are familiar with servers, hosting an AuthNode should be easy to set up. Check out the code for arverify-node on GitHub then contact us for a few additional variables. You'll be up and ArVerifying in no time.